A look back at January’s night, and a Sneaky Peak at what to expect in February

Hello blog and podcast fans!  How's it going?

I just wrote paragraphs and paragraphs worth of amusement for your reading pleasure, and when trying to save it, it all disappeared.  I am now angry, but shall try to remain nice and calm.

So, what happened last month?  To be honest with you, it's all a bit hazy.  We reckon that our January night was possibly the best This Is Music we've ever put on!  Everyone who was there was amazing.  The bands were amazing, the crowd were amazing, the bar staff were amazing, and it was just a really lovely and encouraging start to the new year.  So, who played for us?

First up we had Popolo.  No singing, just intrument playing.  They're kind of across between Glasgow's Errors and Oxford's Foals....not quite as good as either, but we think they've got bucket loads of potential and reckon that they could be destined for bigger things.  We're honoured to have put them on at our night, and look forward to hearing what they have to offer in the future.

Second up, our headline act, Super Adventure Club.  When they're not working in Argos, they spend most of their time making awesome, catchy, noisy and wonderful music.  2 nights before they were set to play our night, they did a live session on Vic Galloway's BBC Radio 1 Introducing Show in Scotland.  We listened.  It was ace.  We got excited.  Then they came and played our night, and it was immense.  Pick Up Sticks.  Check.  Tommy Sheridan.  Check.  Hip Hop Pot Noodle.  Check.  Brilliant!

So, what can you expect in February?

Live music from Edinburgh's Meursault, and Glasgow's How To Swim is what you can expect!  You can also expect to hear a DJ Set from Broken Records!!  And of course, there will be the usual mess to the end of the night with resident DJ's Whay? and i-Tallah Disco!

Download!  Download!  Download!

See you at Sneaky Pete's.

Love and hugs

Tallah, Jim & HP


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